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Our entry for #MyFirstGameJam!

I'm Also Here is a story-driven management game based in space!


You are a spaceship engineer in a crew of 5. Your ship goes on amazing missions which you hear about through the ships comms as everyone else is together on the bridge and you are isolated in the engineering bay.

I'm Also Here is a story about one of the most important people on the spaceship who is often forgotten.

Give it a go!


Mouse controls for the whole game. Hopefully intuitive enough not to have to explain. Right and Left Click to effect things.

If you want to see under the hood press "t" for testing mode.

Known Issues/Unfinished Things:

  • Music doesn't change to dramatic music during tense moments.
  • Temperature System is unfinished (you can test it by holding "9" or "0"
  • Game flow and comm time between missions isn't balanced yet, we both work full time and didn't have time to playtest as it was all implemented late in the game dev.
  • Probably much more


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Spaceship Engineer v9.zip 72 MB


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I got the game to work to mission 14 then the game just stopped doing anything but what a great little game! I could imagine what you could do with a budget and a team! Good job! and good luck! 

I enjoyed the game, though I had problems with the oxygen leak part.

Hey, replied on your video, but thought I would leave it here for any new players!

The trick with the oxygen system is to identify (Outside of REPAIR mode) the affected sector by holding a click over each zone till one appears RED, then hitting the REPAIR button and holding a click over the broken sector.

Sorry you were left out in the open by yourself to work it all out!


Thank you for the new knowledge, and good effort on this game. Do you think you will be updating it in the future?


I really like the premise for this game, I could see this expanding into a full game given the right treatment. Great work!

Thanks so much! We had a lot of fun and are looking forward to seeing where we can go with this! :)